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Marine Testing Solutions have more than 15 years of experience in the water-testing industry, providing much-needed peace of mind to owners of ships and offshore installations in the process. We work with many of the world’s leading corporations, and are proud of our innovative products.

We have designed an impressive range of on-board testing kits which enable users to test the integrity and safety of the water supply. Thanks to our products, company owners can be sure their vessels and offshore installations are complying with the regulations as laid down by the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, MARPOL Annex IV and the Ballast Water Exchange standards.

Access to safe, healthy drinking water is important on land, of course, but at sea it’s even more vital. With our testing kits, you can be sure that employees, crew members and visitors are properly cared for at all times. As an industry leader, MTS should be your first port of call with any considerations about water testing.

As well as the best products for your needs, we also have the management service to back up your testing. Every company in this industry sector needs to maintain accurate record-keeping, so with our help and experience your organisation can be as efficient and as regulation-compliant as possible.

At Marine Testing Solutions, we are fully aware of the need to maintain regular, effective testing, and as such we are able to supply a range of consumables which will help your systems to work at all times. MTS are your go-to partner in water integrity, so contact us today for all of your needs.



CMT_Logo_Blau_GrauMarine Testing Solutions is now the official partner and UK distributor for Germany based CM Technologies GmbH (formerly known as Kittiwake GmbH). This means that we are now able to provide CM Technologies GmbH complete product range to all of our clients and now also existing and past Kittiwake Developments UK customers.

Partnering with CM Technologies GmbH in this way enables us to expand on our established product catalogue by adding additional product ranges such as Oil Condition and Machinery Monitoring solutions and Sampling Solutions.

You can find information about each of the CM Technologies GmbH products on the product section of our website (coming soon) or, for more detailed information you can speak to an account manager, or please contact us and we will be able to answer any questions.

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