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Digital Incubator Easy On-board Testing

Digital Incubator

In the confined atmosphere of an ocean-going vessel or offshore installation, maintaining a safe and healthy environment is perhaps more important than it is anywhere else. Even the smallest issue can become a major problem in such bound places, so every owner and operator needs to implement rigorous testing methods…

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Controlling your Cooling Water Systems

Cooling water systems

On every ocean-going vessel and on every offshore installation, cooling water plays a vital role in maintaining the efficiency of the whole operation. Owners and operators the world over know all about the importance of cooling water systems, but not all of them realise that things can and do go…

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Ballast Water Test Kits – Save Marine Life

ballast water test kits

Ocean-going vessels rely on the use of ballast water, especially on long, multi-destination voyages, but the way this water is handled can have a dramatic effect on the world’s marine ecosystems. Owners and operators may not even be aware that their ships could be carrying thousands of harmful aquatic organisms.…

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Galley Hygiene – Conform to MLC Regulations

galley hygiene

More than ever before, the hygiene standards on board vessels and installations need to be as stringent and as robust as possible, because the threat of infections and diseases is greater than in the past. Owners and operators not only need to do all they can, they also need to…

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Don’t Let Legionella Threaten your Vessel


The health and safety of maritime employees is an understandably important issue these days, and it’s not difficult to see why. The enclosed environment of an ocean-going vessel or an offshore installation can inevitably lead to a rapid spread of problems that can affect everyone on board. While such situations…

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Lesson from the Billion Pound Food Industry

Protein Swabs

The return of the BBC’s excellent consumer show The Food Inspectors serves as a timely reminder of the importance of food hygiene on board ocean-going vessels and offshore installations. The safety of the crew members, visitors, contractors and passengers is always going to be linked to the cleanliness of the…

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Manage Cooling Water and Reap the Benefits


Every ocean-going concern, whether it’s a fixed marine installation or a mobile vessel traversing the world’s seas, can only ever be as efficient as the systems which are utilised on board. The maritime industry is a hectic, pressurised sector, and without efficiency any operator will struggle to remain financially viable…

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Fresh Water Safety Plan = Peace of Mind

fresh water safety plan

Owners and operators of ocean-going vessels and fixed marine installations are only too aware of the proliferation of international laws, regulations and recommendations which abound in the industry. In many organisations, it has become increasingly difficult to remain compliant with legislation without assistance from specialist outside agencies. From August 2014,…

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Importance of Good Marine Sewage Treatment

marine sewage treatment

Owners and operators of ocean-going vessels and fixed offshore installations will know that the issue of marine sewage treatment is a very serious one. It’s bound by some exceptionally complex regulations, so it’s vital that everyone involved in the industry is fully aware of their obligations and responsibilities. Falling foul…

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Importance of Safe On-board Drinking Water

Potable Water Test Kit

While access to safe drinking water is important in the home and at work, it can be even more vital when it’s consumed on board ocean-going vessels and offshore installations. Problems that can occur on dry land can be multiplied many times over when they occur amid the cramped confines…

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