24/7 Multisensor System

Remaining as efficient as possible has become second nature for many people in the marine industry, and this is particularly true when monitoring the performance of diesel engines. This is an area which requires constant vigilance, so it makes sense to use the finest equipment during all voyages.

The CMT Electronic Combustion Analyser 24/7 Multi Sensor gives your team members the chance to monitor the performance of up to 12 cylinders. This enables your main engine to operate at its most efficient levels from departure to arrival. The resultant improvements will allow your vessels to provide a first class service.

There are a number of impressive benefits which come from this highly effective asset, including:

  • Components last longer
  • Maintenance can be planned more efficiently
  • Faults can be detected far earlier
  • Operations are safer for personnel
  • Fuel consumption can be reduced
  • Technical reporting is made easier

Data can be downloaded to an existing PC, giving you time to monitor and analyse the results at your own pace. If the performance levels of your vessel’s main engine have become a matter of concern in recent months, the CMT Electronic Combustion Analyser 24/7 Multi Sensor will be a great asset to help you monitor its on going performance.

This is a customised system. Please contact us for more details.



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