Acid Number Drop Test Kit

Organic acids can build up in gearboxes, gas engines and gas turbines, and in time can cause high levels of damage which can be time-consuming and costly to rectify. This is especially true when components are working in hot temperatures, when the oil is hotter than the adjacent metal surfaces.

The best way to monitor this situation is with an Acid Number (AN) Drop Test Kit. Fully portable and extremely easy to use, it works by analysing drops of oil in a test jar. The Electronic Acid Number Test Kit, also available from Marine Testing Solutions, gives an even more accurate reading.

Regular testing is highly recommended in all vessels, because early warnings of potentially damaging acid build-ups can be remedied with a minimum of fuss and without the need for expensive remedial maintenance.

Product information:

OTK-CT-11001 –¬†Acid Number Drop Test Kit

  • Range: 0-6 AN
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.3 AN
  • Test Time: 2 minutes
  • No. of Tests: 25
  • Reagents: UN2924, UN 1170



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