Automatic Fuel Sampler

While the Drip Sampler will be applicable for some operations, the Automatic Sampler is ideal when dealing with negative pressure at the bunker manifold.

This exceptionally impressive device connects via a flexible hose to the main bunker line, and it provides accurate information which is vital for a successful voyage. For a more permanent installation, it can be connected via pipe fittings.

The Automatic Sampler is powered pneumatically, and uses no electricity. It therefore remains compliant with ATEX regulations. It’s a sturdy, durable device which is manufactured from stainless steel, making it perfect for even the harshest of on-board environments.

It offers a number of impressive benefits, including:

  • Flexibility at all times
  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Integrated flush system making it simpler to clean
  • After bunkering, the sample container is always filled
  • No problems with overflow
  • Compliance with MARPOL and MEPC.96(47)
  • No electricity and therefore no issues with ATEX regulations

There are two models of Automatic Sampler:

The Type 50 is trolley-mounted, making it portable and easy to apply. It can also be wall-mounted if necessary. It is pneumatically driven with a bunker timer and incorporates an automatic stop function, it’s also available in a lower temperature version.

The Type 70 is more advanced and able to carry out more complex functions. It’s capable of sampling four bottles simultaneously, and is particularly popular on bunker barges and merchant ships. Even with very high negative pressure the Type 70 will still be able to function, giving you the flexibility you need.



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