Coolant and Cutting Consumables

One of the most important tests on vessels and offshore installations is often one of the most overlooked. Coolant and cutting fluids need to be tested regularly, because the problems caused by contamination can be extremely serious. Any individual who comes into contact with such fluids runs the risk of developing difficult and damaging conditions.

Coolant and cutting fluids will inevitably degrade over time, and because of this, reliable, accurate testing is a must. The testing kits from MTS can be used to monitor the integrity of such fluids, and can highlight potential issues at an early stage.

Among the problems caused by contamination and degradation are dermatitis issues with the skin and breathing difficulties caused by mist and vapour. These can become major in the small confines of a vessel or offshore installation, so make sure your fluids are tested, and that your working environments remain safe and healthy.

Aerobic Bacteria (TVC) (1000 CFU/ml – 10000000 CFU/ml)

  • MTS-B100190 RBS Dip Slides (10)

Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB)

  • MTS-B100034 SRB Dip Slides (10)

Sterile Tweezers Required for SRB Dip Slides

  • MTS-B100273 13cm Sterile Tweezer (10)



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