MARPOL Bunker Cabinet

The most efficient ocean-going vessels are often the ones that are the most organised. Given the relative lack of space on board, it’s a great asset to have, as the old saying goes, a place for everything and everything in its place. For this reason more than any other, our Bunker Sample Storage Cabinet should be at the top of your wish-list.

Sturdy, hard-wearing and fully lockable, the cabinet helps your operation to maintain accurate and reliable records and samples. The collection and storage of bunker samples is governed by the IMO MARPOL regulations, and every owner and operator needs to be aware of their responsibilities.

With the Bunker Sample Storage Cabinet, you can have immediate access to all of your samples and records as and when required. Should the local authorities need to see them, you can get them quickly and easily, bringing you some much-needed peace of mind in the process.

You have a duty to keep accurate records of your fuel sampling. The cabinet is supplied with an easy to use log book, so you can maintain efficient records at all times. Tracking of fuel samples at sea is vital, especially on occasions when the authorities need to see the details. The Bunker Sample Storage Cabinet is an important ally in the battle against disorganisation.

Product information:

SAM-CT-20000 – MARPOL Bunker Cabinet


  • 40 Sample Bottles and Mailer Kit
  • 45 MARPOL Fuel Sample Label
  • 45 Clear Adhesive MARPOL Over Label
  • 40 Seals for bottles and sampler
  • 24 Cubitainer (5 litre)



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