Combined Oil Condition and Moisture Sensor

Ocean-going vessels are likely to be efficient and profitable as long as they are able to avoid any downtime, and that’s why owners and operators are always keen to prevent any mechanical problems. In order to maintain optimum efficiency, every vessel needs to be protected from damage caused by under-performing lubricants.

The oil that’s used in diesel engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems touches every moving part at all times, and if it’s been damaged in some way it can cause major disruptions. But thanks to CMT online oil sensors from MTS, you can rely on up to the minute data that can, if necessary, be acted upon immediately.

Now you can test for parameters in the following crucial areas:

  • Combined oil condition and moisture
  • The presence of water in oil
  • Metallic particles

The Combined Oil Condition & Moisture Sensor allows you to monitor the performance of your oils on a permanent basis.

The sensor monitors both the condition of your oil and the presence of dissolved water, allowing you to fully understand the reasons for any reduction in performance. Access to such information will allow you to plan and implement maintenance at a time that suits, rather than as an emergency.

This extremely informative device can be used on various types of machinery, and it provides real-time data that could make the difference between an average year and an exceptional one.

Product information:

SEN-CT-16903 – Combined Oil Condition and Moisture Sensor



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