If your organisation is operating vessels or offshore installations at sea, an effective and reliable comparator system is a must. You need to be sure that your systems are as safe and hygienic as possible, because an outbreak of any infectious disease could prove disastrous in confined maritime environments.

With the help of MTS, you can ensure your operations are continually monitored, and that you can have access to accurate, real-time data as and when you need it. Our products work with you to keep your processes working as they should from the first day of a journey to the last.

A comparator system from MTS is your ultimate defence against problems. It enables you to perform a variety of tests throughout the voyage, and to provide you with an effective early warning should any issues occur. You can rely on us and on our products, so speak to the experts at MTS today.

  • MTS-B100059 MTS Comparator
  • MTS-B100063 MTS Comparator Cells (5)
  • MTS-B100072 MTS Comparator Cell Cleaning Brush
  • MTS-B100206 MTS Comparator Tablet Crushing Rod



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