Diesel Indicator

Diesel engines are of course crucial to modern ocean-going vessels, and their levels of efficiency can make the difference between an operation that simply functions and one that makes a profit. Engine efficiency is vital for the success of every voyage, and because of this you need to ensure your engines are operating in the most cost-effective manner possible.

The CMT Electronic Indicator from Marine Testing Solutions can provide you with up to the minute information about the efficiency of the combustion process. Thanks to this highly impressive product, you will know when to re-tune your engine and it will also give you a golden opportunity to detect faults at an earlier stage. Preventative maintenance can therefore help to reduce the likelihood of major problems.

The Diesel Indicator is robust, hard-wearing and exceptionally easy to use. Up to the minute information can be obtained in one simple operation, and can then be downloaded via a USB port to a computer. Battery-operated and completely portable, the Indicator is a convenient and powerful tool in the fight against inefficiency.

Whether you are operating a single vessel or a whole fleet, the importance of maintaining your diesel engines should not be underestimated. With MTS on your side, you can always have access to the data you need.

Product information:

DPA-CT-17735 Diesel Indicator

  • Electronic Diesel Indicator Unit with¬†embedded Kistler sensor and software
  • USB to PC connection cable
  • Manual
  • Storage case



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