Heated Viscosity Meter

Oil is a hugely important component in any engine, as it helps to prevent contact between metallic surfaces. This contact could lead to major levels of damage in the worst cases, and the resultant downtime and repair bills could prove to be extremely expensive in both financial terms as well as in the cost to an operator’s reputation.

The best way to assess the job that your oil is doing is by testing for viscosity, and that’s why the Electronic Heated Viscosity Meter can play a vital part in the efficiency of any vessel. Engines, gear boxes, hydraulic systems and many other valuable assets should be checked on a regular basis.

In order to provide a thorough check, the oil’s viscosity is tested at three different temperatures. Any loss of viscosity will be an indicator of a potential issue, and if you test regularly you will be able to use the Meter as an early warning system in the future.

OTK-CT-11203 – Electronic Heated Viscosity Meter

  • Range: 1.5-999 cSt @ 40 / 50 / 80 °C
  • Display: Backlit LED
  • Keypad:  Membrane type with tactile buttons
  • Power: 110 to 240 AC 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 220 x 110 x 180 (H x W x B)
  • Accuracy: Typically within +/- 2% or +/- 2 cSt
  • Test Time: Heating from ambient tem- perature ca. 5 minutes about 3 minutes test time
  • Calculations: Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index (CCAI), Injection and Storage Temperature, Blending Ratio Oil Slope
  • Reagents: N/A



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