Insoluble Test Meter

In any combustion engine, the build-up of harmful contaminants needs to be closely monitored and regularly analysed. Insolubles and soot occur as part of the combustion process, and include a number of potentially damaging substances, such as carbon, organic polymers, sulphates and asphaltenes.

The presence of significant amounts of insolubles and soot can be an indicator of problems within the engine, so regular testing is a must. Damaged bearings, an increase in oil viscosity, and blocked filters and oil channels could all be present if the readings you receive indicate high levels of insolubles and soot.

Marine Testing Solutions provide an Insolubles Test Meter, which will furnish you with reliable and accurate information on this hugely important issue. Easy to use on a regular basis, it brings peace of mind to all owners and operators. We also supply Insolubles Test Papers, which can provide results that are used with a comparison chart.

OTK-CT-11205 – Electronic Insoluble Test Meter

  • Range: 0-2.4 Vol%
  • Accuracy: Typically +/-0.1%
  • Test Time: < 2 minutes
  • No. of Tests: 50 Tests
  • Reagents: Non hazardous
  • Reagent Pack: OTR-CT-12007



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