Enterocci, Pseudomonas, Legionella

Monitoring the safety of an ocean-going vessel and offshore installation has always been an important issue, of course, and it has become even more vital in the wake of various high-profile incidents of recent years. MTS are able to help you conduct the most accurate and reliable microbiological tests with ease, and to react accordingly to the results.

We supply a wide range of test-related products to the industry, helping operators of both vessels and offshore installations to monitor the safety of their employees, crew members and passengers. With our products on your side, you can rest assured that the components needed for effective testing are with you at all times.

MTS carry a comprehensive selection of consumables and testing kits, so your specialists can carry out microbiological tests whenever necessary. Thanks to our excellent products, this is one aspect of maritime commerce that you know will be taken care of properly.

Enterococci Testing Option

Enterolert (Presence/Absence) (1 CFU/100ml)

  • MTS-B100023 IDEXX Enterolert DW (20)

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Testing Options

Pseudalert (Presence/Absence) (1 CFU/100ml)

  • MTS-B100022 IDEXX Pseudalert (20)

Legionella Testing Options

Legionella (Presence/Absence) Serogroup 1

  • MTS-B100099 Legionella Biofilm Kit (biolfilm – stored water) (5)
  • MTS-B100100 Legionella Industrial Kit (distribution system) (5)



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