There are a number of problems which can occur if the marine water systems on a vessel are not working to their full potential. If the water that’s used for heating, cooling and cleaning isn’t of the highest standard there will inevitably be the likelihood of corrosion, not only becoming a huge inconvenience but, in today’s modern commercial world, costing a small fortune to repair.

Your company can safeguard against such problems with our accurate, efficient and easy to use testing kits. Thanks to MTS, you will be able to test for a number of potential issues, including alkalinity, hardness, chloride, nitrite, pH and total dissolved solids (TDS). Our kits are your first line of defence against disaster.

We provide both boiler and cooling water test kits, to make sure your marine water systems are operating correctly at all times. Here at MTS, we know all there is to know about the processes you need to implement, so contact us today for more information.

  • MTS-B100042 TDS/Conductivity Meter (TDS: 0 – 13000ppm & CON: 0 – 20000µS)
  • MTS-B100178 DEHA Comparator Test (0 – 0.5 mg/l)
  • MTS-B100037 Glycol Refractometer (0 – 70% Product/ 0 – 50°C Freeze Protection)
  • MTS-B100183 Hydrazine Comparator Test (0 – 5 mg/l)
  • MTS-B100174 Phosphate Comparator Test (0 – 100 mg/l)
  • MTS-B100180 Sulphate Tablet Count Test (0 – 200 mg/l)
  • MTS-B100182 Sulphite Tablet Count Test (0 – 500 mg/l)
  • MTS-B100181 Tannin Tablet Count Test (0 – 200 mg/l)
  • MTS-B100030 Suspended Solids Test (5 – 500 mg/l)




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