Handheld DieselSCOPE

There are a number of crucial processes in every ocean-going vessel, of course, but none are as important as the diesel engine. If there are problems with the performance of the engine the voyage itself could be under threat. Downtime is always damaging to the organisation’s profitability and its reputation, so every step needs to be taken to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

The best way to prevent serious incidents involves regular monitoring of the engine’s performance, and that’s why the DieselSCOPE is a must-have for all owners and operators. This handheld performance analyser gives you accurate, real-time information that will be vital to maintaining the health of the vessel’s diesel engine.

Easy to use, robust and light, the DieselSCOPE has a number of highly impressive benefits, including:

  • Combustion process monitoring
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Engine tuning
  • Detection of damages
  • Major defects identified in no time
  • Helps to make maintenance schedules more flexible
  • Injection timing tuning
  • Balances cylinder loads

The DieselSCOPE can help you to obtain a longer life for your engine, to increase levels of efficiency and to achieve more cost-effective operations. In addition to these benefits, it can also contribute to the reduction of emissions, thereby assisting your organisation to remain compliant with environmental legislation.

It’s so easy to set up the DieselSCOPE Performance Analyser, and thanks to the clear, concise instructions your team members can have access to reliable data in no time. Optional extras include inductive and optical pick-ups, as well as an acoustic emission sensor.

Information gained from the DieselSCOPE can be downloaded to a computer in order to be analysed in greater detail. The software package and USB cable are both provided with the unit. Monitoring of performance levels is easy once the system is in operation, giving your organisation an opportunity to increase efficiency and have access to an early warning system for any future engine performance issues.

Product information:

DPA-CT-17729 – Handheld DieselSCOPE

  • DieselSCOPE handheld unit 230x105x40mm, 500 gr, 20 hours battery life
  • Kistler Pressure Sensor
  • Thompson Adapter
  • PC to DieselSCOPE USB Cable
  • Battery Charger
  • “DieselSCOPE View” Software Package 7. Instruction Manual



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