Drip Type Bunker Sampler Flange

Obtaining samples on board vessels hasn’t always been an easy process in the past, but with the CMT Drip Sampler it’s simple and straightforward. Found on a significant number of ships around the world, this exceptionally user-friendly device is a must-have addition to every voyage.

There are a number of impressive benefits for you to consider, including:

  • Manufactured to the highest standards
  • Made under strict ISO 9001-accredited conditions
  • Fully compliant with IMO MARPOL 73/78
  • Simple, stress-free installation
  • Optimised weight for added convenience

MTS also supply Bunker Sample Storage Cabinets to help your operation remain as organised as possible.

The samples you take before, during and after a voyage can help you to remain efficient at all times. Therefore, your sampling equipment needs to be of the highest quality, enabling your systems and processes to bring you the peace of mind you require.



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