Silver Ionisation Replacement Consumables

Without effective and accurate silver ionisation testing, any vessel or offshore installation can fall victim to biohazards. The threat to the health of crew members and passengers cannot and should not be underestimated, so every operator needs to be aware of the importance of testing on a regular basis.

MTS supply high quality testing kits which should be incorporated into your first line of defence against problems. Our silver ionisation systems include testing kits as well as a range of consumables, which means we can provide all the support you need on board every vessel and offshore installation.

Silver ionisation systems are a feature on both vessels and offshore installations, and as always prevention is infinitely better than cure. We should be your first point of contact in this hugely important sphere, so talk to MTS today and let us help you to maintain safe and healthy maritime environments at all times.

  • MTS-B100101 – Silver Sachets (100) – discontinued

replaced with:

  • MTS-B100355 Silver Indicator Reagent (65ml)
  • MTS-B100356 Sulphate Turbidity Powder (20g)
  • MTS-B100284 – 13mm Filter Holder
  • MTS-B100285 – 13mm 8µm Filter Papers (100)
  • MTS-B100286 – 60ml Syringe

Alternative options

MTS-B100127 Silver (ion) Test Strips 0 – 1000ppb (50 strips)

(0, 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000)

MTS-B100128 DPD Glycine Powder (Used with Silver (Ion) Strips (20g)



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