Laboratory Lube Oil Test

The performance of any ocean-going vessel is only ever as good as the equipment and machinery that is utilised, and for this reason more than any other you need to ensure lubricants are tested regularly. In the maritime industry, downtime is a very expensive, and potentially very damaging, occurrence, so you should be taking every necessary step in order to avoid problems.

Even if your gearboxes, diesel engines and hydraulic systems are operating well, you can’t be sure about the presence of any hidden dangers. If they are using oils that have been corrupted, serious and costly damage could soon occur. The answer is a relatively simple one; you have to ensure your lubricants are tested thoroughly on a regular basis, and that’s where MTS can help.

Laboratory testing as and when necessary will help to ensure your lubricants are doing the job they are intended for, and are not causing any unnecessary issues in the process. Testing of all of your lubricants, from those used in engines to those in the gearboxes, brings you vital information and the peace of mind you need to maintain an efficient and profitable vessel.

Turnaround times are fast, so you can rest assured that crucial analysis results are fed back to you quickly.



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