Multi Parameter Test Cabinet Options

For fast, effective testing, as well as the subsequent analysis, our Oil Test Cabinet is an absolute must. These sturdy and convenient testing centres provide all the necessary equipment for a number of vital applications.

Four Test Cabinets are available:

  • Marine Fuel & Lube Oil Test Cabinet
  • Diesel Engine Power Plant Cabinet
  • Gas Engine Power Plant Cabinet
  • Electronic Oil Analysis Centre

Regular testing plays a pivotal role in the smooth running of any marine operation, so it’s important that testing processes are organised, effective and easy to implement. As well as testing, accurate interpretation of results is a must, because any remedial maintenance needs to be carried out with a minimum of disruption.

Your choice of cabinets will depend on the needs of your own particular operation. Thanks to Marine Testing Solutions, all of your requirements can be taken care of.


Part NumberElectronic Water & BN CellHeated Viscosity MeterDensity MeterDisper- sency Spot TestElectronic Insolubles TestSalt TestPour PointElectronic AN TestFlash Point Closed
Marine Fuel & Lube Test CabinetOTC- CT-30010(Option)(Option)
Diesel Engine Power Plant CabinetOTC- CT-30011(Option)(Option)
Gas Engine Power Plant CabinetOTC- CT-30012(Option)
Electronic Oil Analysis CenterOTC- CT-30013(Option)
Part NumberElectronic CDO BN CellElectronic CDO Iton CellElectronic InsolubleElectronic Water Test
CDO Analysis KitOTK- CT-11213(Option)

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