Multi Parameter Test Kits Options

Different operators have different needs, of course, and that’s why Marine Testing Solutions supply a variety of testing kits in any configuration that’s required. Accurate and reliable testing can be carried out in the most convenient way possible, thanks to these fully portable kits supplied in sturdy aluminium cases.

The machinery you use on board ship, and the oils and fuel oils that help to run them, can be tested as and when necessary. This information can be monitored and analysed, enabling you to keep effective maintenance programmes aimed at reducing disruptions to the business.


Product namePart numberCombination
ViscotubeWater in Oil CellCombined Water in Oil/ BN CellSalt TestInsoluble AN TestViscostick
WaVis Oil Test KitOTC-CT-20001
Basic Oil Test KitOTC-CT-20002
Engine Oil Test KitOTC-CT-20003
Field Oil Test KitOTC-CT-20004
Engine Oil Test Kit IIOTC-CT-20005
Marine Oil Test KitOTC-CT-20006
Hydraulic Oil Test KitOTC-CT-20007
Water in Oil CellDensity HydrometerLow Range Falling Ball ViscometerFree Fatty Acid Test/ AN TestVisual Test (Cleanliness)
Diesel Oil Test KitOTC-CT-20008

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