Cylinder Drain Oil Analysis Kit

Laboratory testing is highly recommended, purely because there’s an opportunity to conduct in-depth analysis in the most productive of environments. However, lab tests take time, so you should also include regular on-site testing in your schedule. This will give you ongoing results that can be used in conjunction with those from the lab.

MTS supply a highly effective and extremely accurate Cylinder Drain Oil Analysis Set, a product that will test for issues such as water, viscosity, total iron content and alkalinity. Armed with such information, you will be able to closely monitor the performance of your engine.

This vital data will help you to plan maintenance in an efficient and effective way, minimising disruption and maximising profitability. Every marine operation needs to be running on time and on budget, and that’s why the Analysis Set needs to be on board with you.

Product information:

OTK-CT-11213 – Cylinder Drain Oil Analysis Kit


  • Range: 0- 1500 ppm
    • Corrosive Iron: 0- 1000 ppm
    • Abrasive iron: 0- 500 ppm
  • Accuracy: +/- 3%
  • Test Time (ave.): 10 min. per cylinder
  • No. of Tests: 50
  • Memory: Last reading
  • Reagents: UN 3264

Alkalinity Reserve (BN)

  • Range: 5-130 BN
  • Accuracy: +/- 5% of new oil BN
  • Number of Tests: 50
  • Test Time: 5 minutes
  • Memory: Last reading
  • Reagents: Mon hazardous



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