Other Dip Slide Options

MTS offer a full range of microbiological dip slides which are available for semi-quantitative determination of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria populations in a variety of applications.

Dip slide accuracy is limited due to the small sample size, but if used correctly and incubated at the correct temperature, provide an excellent tool for trend analysis and an early indication of bacteria proliferation.

Dip slides are supplied in a cardboard box containing 10 dip slides, have a general shelf life of between 6 – 9 months and results are obtained by comparison to a standard density chart provided with the box.

Product Information:

  • MTS-B100033 Aerobic Bacteria – BT2 Dip Slides (10)
  • MTS-B100090 Aerobic Bacteria/Yeast & Moulds – RBS Dip Slides (10)
  • MTS-B100032 Aerobic Bacteria/Pseudomonas Bacteria – TP Dip Slides (10)
  • MTS-B100346 Nitrite Reducing Bacteria – Denitrifying Bacteria Dip Slides (10)
  • MTS-B100034 Sulphate Reducing Bacteria – SRB Dip Slides (10)



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