Pesticide Test Kit

Especially in third world countries, bunkering water can contain possible traces of pesticides. Pesticides consist of a large group of chemicals that are generally used in agriculture to control animal and plant infestation. Pesticides generally enter water systems naturally by surface water runoff which carry pesticides from the agricultural fields into the water course.

The Marine Testing Solutions AGRI STICK pesticide test kit, is used for the detection of major organophosphate and carbamate pesticide residues present in agricultural products, soil and water.

AGRI STICK is a qualitative colorimetric detection method:

  • Rapid results within 30 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Up to 12 months shelf life
  • 25 tests
  • Qualitative results

Detection Limits:


  • Chrolpyrifos – 0.1ppm
  • Diazinon – 0.1ppm
  • EPN – 0.2ppm
  • Fenitrothion – 5.0ppm
  • Methidathion – 0.2ppm


  • Methamidophos – 50ppm


  • Carbaryl – 5.0ppm
  • Methomyl – 2.0ppm
  • Carbofuran – 0.2ppm

MTS-B100317 MTS AGRI STICK Pesticide Test Kit (25)

25 x Pesticide Test
25 x 100ml sterile sample bags
1 x De-ion pack (makes up to 5 litres of deionised water)



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