Splash Proof

Here at MTS, we provide an extensive range of the finest quality test meters, enabling our customers to have ready access to accurate real-time data whenever the need arises. Our meters are easy to use and they offer the peace of mind that all operators of ocean-going vessels and offshore installations need.

Our test meters offer instant digital read-outs, and are available in both splash-proof and water-proof options. Whether you’re testing for chlorine, pH, conductivity, temperature or total dissolved solids (TDS), we have the units you require. Sturdy and reliable, they will ensure your processes are correctly administered and accurately maintained.

For shipping and offshore organisations, it’s important to remember that testing is a vital aspect of everyday business. Therefore, it makes sense to use the very best equipment at all stages of every process. With our help, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re using the finest test meters.

Splash Proof (supplied in plastic case with meter & calibration solution)

  • MTS-B100040 5021 Conductivity Meter (10 – 9990µS)
  • MTS-B100002 5011 pH Meter (0 – 14 pH)
  • MTS-B100003 5031 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) (10 – 9990ppm)

Test Meter Calibration Solutions 


  • MTS-B100105 1413 µS Conductivity Solution (500ml)
  • MTS-B100106 12880 µS Conductivity Solution (500ml) 


  • MTS-B100081 4.0 Buffer Solution (500ml)
  • MTS-B100080 7.0 Buffer Solution (500ml)
  • MTS-B100079 10.0 Buffer Solution (500ml)



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