Tablet Count Reagents

In order to ensure your testing processes are as accurate and reliable as they can be, you need to be utilising the correct components. The integrity of your systems, whether they are on ocean-going vessels or on offshore installations, is only ever as viable as the reagents which are being used.

We are the acknowledged industry leaders in marine testing, and we carry a comprehensive range of reagents and related products. Whatever your needs might be, you can find them all here on one convenient site. When you prepare for any voyage or any project, be sure to contact MTS first.

Our range of reagents are suitable for all methods of testing, and can be used to detect abnormalities in various vessel and offshore installation systems. As an operator, you have a responsibility to provide safe, healthy and hygienic working environments, so make sure MTS are with you from start to finish.

Boiler & Cooling Water


  • MTS-B100257 Alkalinity (M) Tablets (250)
  • MTS-B100256 Alkalinity (P) Tablets (250)


  • MTS-B100253 Chloride Tablets (250)


  • MTS-B100254 Nitrite No 1 Tablets (100)
  • MTS-B100255 Nitrite No 2 Tablets (250)


  • MTS-B100258 Sulphite No 1 Tablets (100)
  • MTS-B100259 Sulphite No 2 (LR) Tablets (250)
  • MTS-B100261 Sulphite No 2 (HR) Tablets (250)

Other Kits Replacement Tablets

Sewage Effluent Kit (COD Testing)

  • MTS-B100251 Acidifying SE Tablets (100)
  • MTS-B100252 Permanganate Tablets (300)



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