Vacuum Sampling Pump

Obtaining lube oil samples has always been a somewhat difficult process, because many of the tanks, drums and sumps aboard ships are difficult to get at. With the Vacuum Sampling Pump, you have a flexible and adaptable device that’s designed to make things far simpler.

Our hand-operated Vacuum Sampling Pump is ideal for such uses. In order to get a representative sample of oil, samples need to be taken from various sections of the tank, which makes their portability even more useful.

Available in two convenient sizes, the 28mm pump fits 50ml sample bottles while the 38mm is perfect for 100ml bottles. In order to prevent any cross-contamination, the plastic hose should never be used more than once.

Your samples need to be recorded and analysed with great accuracy, so it’s important to use the most appropriate equipment at all times. Our Vacuum Sampling Pump is therefore a vital asset to your operations.

SAM-CT-30028 – Vacuum Pump 28 mm Neck

SAM-CT-30038 – Vacuum Pump 38 mm Neck



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