The Viscotube is a falling ball viscosimeter allowing to measure the viscosity of oil in centistokes on site. The Viscotube closes the gap between the low cost viscosity stick and the highly accurate Heated Viscosity Meter. The Viscotube is equipped with a clear screw cap at each end allowing to see the falling ball arrive at the other end. A tripod support stand on a mirror baseplate helps to monitor the falling ball. The device is supplied with three sizes of balls to cover a wide range of viscosity. A digital thermometer is used to measure the temperature after completing the test.

OTK-CT-11005 – Viscotube

  • Range: 20-600 cSt @ 40ÅãC, using three sizes of balls
  • No. of Tests: Unlimited
  • Test Time: 1 – 10 minutes
  • Reagents: N/A



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