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Acid Number Test Kit

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Acid Number or AN is an important oil parameter for hydraulic systems and gas engines. It is a measure of the organic and inorganic acids present within the oil. Maintaining the acid level of an oil prevents unexpected oxidation problems.

• The test kit is supplied with all reagents needed for 25 tests.

• Titration point can be observed with the help of an advanced electronic photo cell.

• Providing you with easy to interpret results, suitable for use by untrained personnel.

Two versions are available. An economical and easy to use Acid Number Drop Test Kit. Just count the drops you need to get a colour change and get your reading from a table provided.

Alternatively we offer our Electronic Acid Number Test Kit which gives highest accuracy in the same measuring range.

OTK-CT-11209 – Electronic Acid Number Test Kit

  • Range: 0-6 AN
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1 AN
  • Test Time: 2 minutes
  • No. of Tests: 25
  • Reagents: UN2924, UN 1170
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