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Ballast Water Test Kit Consumables

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As everyone in the industry knows, ballast water exchange is an important process, but it’s one which involves several complex processes. There are a number of recognised guidelines which need to be followed in order to ensure the water is as safe and hygienic as it can possibly be.

The presence of any harmful bacteria, viruses and invasive species on a ship can have catastrophic effects, so our highly developed ballast water test kits are vital. Easy to use and reliably accurate, the kit enables user companies to remain compliant with current and future legislation and guidelines.

Exchanging ballast water in a timely, efficient and safe manner is an important aspect of modern marine life, but it should always be monitored effectively. With MTS on your side, you can be sure that your vessels and offshore installations are operating properly, and that your crew members have access to water of the highest possible standard.

MTS-P100189 Ballast Water Test Kit Consumables:

  • 12 x E-Coli Bacteria Test (0 – 2424 CFU/100ml)
  • 12 x Enterococci Bacteria Test (0 – 115 CFU/100ml)
  • 12 x Vibrio Cholerae (01) Test (Presence/Absence 1 CFU/100ml)
  • 12 x Vibrio Cholerae (0139) Test (Presence/Absence 1 CFU/100ml)
  • 50 x 10µm Filter Test
  • 50 x 50µm Filter Test


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