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Fuel Bacteria Test Kit

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Without adequate fuel testing processes, vessels can soon suffer from major problems. Both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria can develop and multiply when the conditions are right, and this can soon lead to damaging and costly issues involving the rapid degradation of vital fuel systems.

With our highly developed microbiological testing kits you can ensure your fuel systems are operating as they should at all times, and if problems develop you will be able to react accordingly. Our kits are easy to operate, and offer vital real-time information that can save your organisation a small fortune in repair bills.

As well as fuel testing and coolant/cutting testing kits, we supply a wide range of consumables. Thanks to MTS, you can keep your systems working efficiently and free from microbial contamination. Contact us today and find out more about protecting your vessel from the ravages of bacterial or fungal infection.

MTS-K100271 Fuel Bacteria Testing Test Kit

  • 1 x Clear Zip Bag
  • 2 x Disposable Gloves
  • 1 x Aerobic Bacteria (BT2) Dip Slide
  • 1 x Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) Dip Slide
  • 1 x Sterile Tweezer
  • 1 x Instruction Sheet and Comparison Chart
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