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Iron Analysis Kit

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Any damage to engine cylinders in the marine industry can result in expensive remedial maintenance and, in many cases, to unnecessary downtime. For this reason, testing for potential damage remains the most cost-effective way of preventing situations which are harmful to the operator’s profits and reputation.

One of the most feared developments in an engine is cold corrosion, which is particularly prevalent in engines which regularly run at slow speeds. Thanks to our testing and analysis kit, an effective early warning system can be in place, reducing the risk of damage and the potential for costly repairs.

You will be able to test for the presence of corrosive and abrasive iron with ease, bringing you the peace of mind your operation needs to remain as efficient and as effective as possible. The testing kit allows you to accurately monitor the quality of your cylinder drain oil as and when required.

OTK-CT-11211 – Electronic Iron Analysis Kit

  • Range: 0- 1500ppm
    • Corrosive Iron: 0- 1000 ppm
    • Abrasive Iron: 0- 500 ppm
  • Accuracy:  +/- 3%
  • Test Time (ave.): 10 min. per cylinder
  • No. of Tests: 50
  • Memory: last reading
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