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Robot R19

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The Robot R19 is ideal for highly accurate, bench top handling of samples and is the perfect way to get more from your device. Henry Ford said:”If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it.” Do not make this mistake in your laboratory.

The function of the computer is to:

  • Program the Controller
  • Copy (back up) the contents of Controller RAM to disk
  • Perform a supervisory role, sending commands to the Controller through the serial interface

The Robot R19 will allow you to decrease unnecessary costs, increase productivity and save labour, provide more results with greater consistency and eliminate human error. The Robot R19 will soon become a irreplaceable part of your laboratory.

The system comprises 2 main units:

• The Robot: With a cylindrical workspace and a nominal reach of 550mm, the robot is driven by stepper motors and controlled by intelligent micro-stepping metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) power drives with incremental encoder feedback. A choice of grippers is available; either pneumatic or electric. The pneumatic gripper is operated by compressed air from 5 to 7 bar (the compressor is included as part of the kit).

• The Controller: Making instant decisions by reading real time signals from all associated equipment, the controller manages the complete movement and testing process. Once programmed, it is capable of running without a host computer, but is normally connected to a computer which supervises robot operation and logs measurements. The controller may also be connected to a computer or LIMS system.

Robot R19

Order information: ALX-R-01-KWD Robot R19

Sample: Pots and bottles as used by any device

Maximum Samples: Approximately 200

Time per Sample: Approx. 15-25 seconds to load, measure, and unload depending on gripper version and type of sample

Max. Outputs: 6 expandable to 54 buffered and opto-isolated

Max. Inputs: 2 to 51 including opto-isolated

AC Power input: 15/230V +/-10%

Baud rate: Programmable 1200 to 56000 baud, (default 19200), optional USB

Ambient Temperature: -10 to +40Åã C

Weight: 25 kg

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