Ballast Water Treatment Regulation is Pivotal to the Marine Ecosystem

The utilisation of ballast water is crucial to the stability of any sizable ocean-going vessel, yet the quality of the water is rarely taken into consideration during a long voyage. While all marine operators have plenty of things to think about during their working days, this is an issue which really needs to be taken seriously. And that’s why the ballast water treatment regulation always needs to be at the forethought of every owner and operator.

The storage of ballast water will vary a little from vessel to vessel, of course, but the potential for health and safety risk is basically the same. Water which remains on board for any length of time can become contaminated at any point during a sea voyage. Long journeys are particularly at risk, because the frequent changes in temperature and humidity can make ballast water something of a breeding ground for bacteria.

As well as the threat of infection to those who are on board, it’s also possible for contaminated water to provide perfect breeding grounds for creatures which can then go on to upset the balance of an ecosystem in another part of the world. For example, the European green crab has managed to infiltrate waters around Australia and New Zealand, dominating and displacing the local crab population.

There have been a number of such instances in recent years, and each one of them leads to damage that is often irreversible. While many marine operators will equate the importance of the ballast water treatment regulation to the needs of the crew and passengers, there are far wider implications at work here. The sensible option for all ocean-going vessels is to incorporate informative and reliable water testing systems.

Here at MTS, we offer testing kits which can be relied upon at all times. Simple to use and extremely accurate, they provide real-time information on this highly important aspect of marine life. Our kits serve as an effective early warning system, enabling operators to act on any contamination at the first possible opportunity. As is always the case, prevention is far better than cure.

The ballast water treatment regulation is clear about the responsibilities of all ocean-going concerns. With the help of MTS, you can make sure your vessels are ahead of the game at all times. Contact us now for more information.