Increasing Efficiency with Help from the Robot R19

If you have ever wondered about the secret to successful business, the chances are you will have realised at some point that there is no secret. The traditional values of hard work, innovation and attention to detail apply to the world of commerce as much today as they always have, and this is particularly true in the maritime sector.

Shipping, exploration and mineral extraction are extremely competitive markets, and for this reason more than any other every single operator needs to do all that can be done in order to stay one step ahead of rivals. This is as true today as it was in the past, and it applies equally to the owner of a single offshore installation and the global corporation that runs a large fleet of ocean-going cargo ships.

With efficiency at the very top of the agenda, every voyage can be as cost-effective as possible. Because of this, the testing of water, oil and fuel supplies on-board ship needs to be a smooth process. The Robot R19 is a perfect example of how best to streamline an operation, because it works effectively and efficiently with a minimum of fuss along the way.

Greater accuracy will always lead to greater efficiency

The correct handling of samples is vital for accuracy, of course, so the fact that the Robot R19 offers greater productivity and lower labour costs makes it a must-have. It allows for bench-top handling of samples, giving the whole operation a more reliable process that ensures samples are handled in the correct manner throughout the year.

This extremely effective robot arm is operated by the controller within the unit, which is in turn programmed by the computer. It’s easy to operate, has a cylindrical workspace and a nominal reach of 550mm. The handling of samples hasn’t always been performed with the greatest accuracy in the past, but that will all change when the Robot R19 is in place.

Every owner and operator will already be aware of the need for sample testing at sea, and the fact that international law is extremely strict in this area. If an unfortunate incident should ever occur, investigations may be put in place and these will soon determine whether there was any negligence on the part of those in charge. And you can be sure that any lapse in standards will not be viewed lightly by the relevant authorities.