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Increasing Efficiency with Help from the Robot R19

If you have ever wondered about the secret to successful business, the chances are you will have realised at some point that there is no secret. The traditional values of hard work, innovation and attention to detail apply to the world of commerce as much today as they always have,…

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Ocean Pollution, destroying marine life?

Despite a greater understanding of our actions and repeated talk about commitment to improve from the world’s governments, our oceans are still under threat from pollution. It’s a problem that needs to be dealt with via the utmost urgency, but the harsh truth is that nowhere near enough has been…

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Safer Voyages thanks to Crew Drug testing

Crew drug testing

We are constantly being bombarded by media reports about the drugs issue these days, from stories about famous celebrities being caught in possession of illegal substances to stories about the arrests of high profile international suppliers. The drugs problem is one that just won’t go away, and it has become…

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Why Test Drinking Water Supplies at Sea?

Potable water test kits

In every business location, whether it’s a factory at an industrial estate on the edge of town or a high profile office block in the centre of London, owners, managers and directors have a duty to protect their employees. Any issues which contravene this duty carry with them the possibility…

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A Vessel is only ever as Good as the Oil that it’s Using

oil condition monitoring

Owners and operators of all commercial shipping fleets will know all about the importance of efficiency, and how this vital factor can have an effect on so much of the subsequent success. Whether a ship is carrying passengers from one port to another or delivering cargo to a destination on…

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The Importance of Manual Handling

Manual handling course

Despite the increasing mechanisation of the average workplace, lifting and carrying items are still everyday tasks for employees in a number of industry sectors. There are more and more machines to carry out the various tasks that need to be performed, but there is still a place for manual handling…

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Simple Asbestos Training Courses

Asbestos training course

Ocean-going vessels are, like any other workplace, subject to both ongoing maintenance and repairs that need to be carried out as and when required. Whether these tasks are performed by contractors who are brought in specially or by members of the existing team, they need to be performed in as…

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Food Safety Training courses

Food safety training courses

There is a great deal of legislation in place that pertains to the safe handling of food. This applies as much to storage and preparation as it does to the actual cooking process, and it’s the responsibility of every employer to ensure each member of staff receives the right training.…

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Introducing Fuel Bacteria Testing

Fuel bacteria testing

Owners and operators of ocean-going vessels know that unplanned downtime needs to be avoided at all costs, because any period in which a ship isn’t at sea equals a loss of revenue. Income is vital in the maritime sector, of course, but sometimes the damage that’s caused by downtime is…

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