A Comprehensive Ship Safety Plan from MTS

Owners and operators of ocean-going vessels know there is more to a voyage than simply carrying a cargo from Point A to Point B. The need for efficiency without compromising on the health and safety of crew members, visitors, passengers and contractors is paramount, and must always be the number one priority.

There are a number of things which can go wrong when at sea, of course, and that includes the potential hazards caused by infected water. While many people will be all too aware of the need to maintain healthy drinking water supplies, problems with water that’s used for heating, cooling and ballast can also prove to be serious.

When it comes to supplies of fresh water, owners and operators need to be aware of their responsibilities. From August 2014, vessels sailing under the UK flag are required by the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 to have a Fresh Water Safety Plan in place. Compliance is a must, and that’s where MTS can help.

Safety both now and in the future

We can carry out an in-depth risk assessment on all vessels, highlighting areas of potential concern. We will then introduce a management plan to ensure you remain compliant at all times. On-going monitoring and management, assisted by an annual review, will help your processes to remain safe, healthy and compliant in the future.

A ship safety plan will bring peace of mind to all owners and operators, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the business instead. The maritime industry is a fast-paced and competitive entity, so any assistance in this highly important area simply has to be made welcome.

By enlisting the help of MTS in this exceptionally complex process, you will be allowing the experts to observe and monitor your fresh water processes, and this can serve as a highly effective early warning system. If problems should occur, it’s reassuring to know that the right people are on your side.