Food Safety Training courses

There is a great deal of legislation in place that pertains to the safe handling of food. This applies as much to storage and preparation as it does to the actual cooking process, and it’s the responsibility of every employer to ensure each member of staff receives the right training. The repercussions of poor food handling can be dramatic enough on shore, but on board a vessel they can be even more disastrous.

If you’re responsible for a food service on board ship, on a fixed offshore platform or even at a shore-based facility, you need to ensure each member of the team knows what is expected of them. Marine Testing Solutions offer up to the minute food safety training courses which are relevant to all current legislation, and which can show your employees the correct way to work with food items.

Our food safety training courses feature a number of hugely important aspects of the industry, including safe handling, food hygiene, personal hygiene, pest control and waste management. An outbreak of food poisoning in any confined area can spread extremely quickly, so every precaution needs to be taken to make sure food safety is at the top of everyone’s agenda at all times.

So many issues can be causes for concern

The presence of food-borne bacteria can increase dramatically in just a matter of hours, so every member of the team needs to understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment. Even issues like storing the wrong types of foodstuffs together and cooking food at the wrong temperature need to be avoided, and this can only be done by those with the right knowledge.

Many employers, even those who are keen to promote in-depth education, are sometimes reluctant to commit to food safety training courses because they worry about releasing much-needed staff at key periods. This isn’t an issue with our courses, however, because they are taken online at a time and location that will suit both the individual and the employer.

As you might expect from a subject as important as food safety, changes to regulations are constantly being introduced, Because of this, it’s a good idea to remain in touch with alterations, and this can be done via relevant training schemes. Any slip in standards when it comes to handling and preparing food can result in serious problems, so make sure your operation is always safe and always hygienic.