Galley Hygiene – Conform to MLC Regulations

More than ever before, the hygiene standards on board vessels and installations need to be as stringent and as robust as possible, because the threat of infections and diseases is greater than in the past. Owners and operators not only need to do all they can, they also need to be seen doing all they can.

The enclosed and rather insular environment at sea means an infection can spread exceptionally quickly. The effects can be rapid and, of course, they can be devastating. If your ship or offshore installation isn’t maintaining effective galley hygiene standards, you are running a dangerous risk that could prove damaging to health, reputation and profitability.

Every owner and operator will know about the need to comply with the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention regulations, and these are especially important when it comes to the health and safety of crew members, passengers, visitors and contractors. The rules about galley hygiene make it very clear that the onus to remain compliant lies firmly with those in charge.

Remain compliant, remain efficient

The regulations are designed to bring fair and equal conditions to employees in the maritime industry, and there are heavy penalties for owners and operators who fail to adhere to them. Galley hygiene is a particularly important aspect of the legislation, because a number of highly dangerous bacteria can cause havoc at sea.

Storing, handling, preparing and cooking food in the safest possible manner is a must, and that’s why a risk assessment from MTS needs to be arranged at the earliest possible opportunity. In this vital sector, prevention will always be better than cure, of course, so it makes sense to leave no stone unturned.

In addition to risk assessments, MTS can also provide effective and reliable test kits. These kits include protein swabs, an incubator and a log book, helping your vessel or installation to maintain effective galley hygiene standards throughout the year. To keep campylobacter, Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus at bay, Marine Testing Solutions need to be on your side from the start.