MTS and CM Technologies Join

Marine Testing Solutions are always looking to provide the best products and the finest services to our customers, that’s why we are so proud to team up with CM Technologies formerly known as Kittiwake GmbH.

This new alliance allows us to significantly increase our portfolio of testing and sampling equipment and support to the marine industry.

Here at MTS, we offer a comprehensive service to operators of all shapes and sizes, enabling them to maintain safe, efficient and healthy processes. From single vessels and installations to large fleets operating in all four corners of the globe, our products and services play a significant role in the cost-effectiveness of many operations.

The marine industry is a complex and diverse entity, and as such our products and services have to reflect the needs of our customers. Our alliance with CM Technologies allows us to expand our ability to help and support both pre-existing and new customers in every sector of the business.

Combined quality, combined service

We are understandably delighted to work with such a prestigious and influential organisation. Formerly known as Kittiwake GmbH, CM Technologies was established in 2003 in Germany. They are regarded in the industry as experts in the field of machinery condition monitoring as well as fuel and lube oil analysis.

Their range of highly impressive products will complement our own, enabling our alliance to provide a fully comprehensive range of testing and sampling equipment, as well as all the necessary support and guidance. Peace of mind has always been a highly sought after asset in the increasingly competitive marine industry.

With the help of Marine Testing Solutions and CM Technologies, owners and operators of vessels can look to improve the efficiency of their assets. Downtime has always been a scourge of the sector, but with more efficient oil, fuel and water systems on board this can be significantly reduced in the coming years.

The success of any commercial maritime operation will always depend on the efficiency of the whole operation. We feel that the combined quality of goods and services from MTS and CM Technologies will provide a significantly improved service to both new and existing end users.