New eLearning Legionella Courses

Every offshore installation and ocean-going vessel needs to be as efficient and as cost-effective as possible, but it’s worth remembering that superior performance should not be at the cost of health and safety. Protecting crew members, contractors, passengers and visitors is a top priority, because repercussions can be serious.

One of the major concerns is in regard to legionella, a potentially fatal disease that can be spread via water systems. In the rather confined environment of a vessel or fixed installation an outbreak can spread quickly, and that’s why it’s impossible to underestimate the importance of education in such matters.

Marine Testing Solutions offer highly informative e-learning legionella courses which will help employees to understand the risks that are involved, and how best to avoid any issues. Armed with such knowledge, the prospect of any future outbreak will be significantly diminished.

The perfect course for every employer

Our legionella courses are designed for employees at all levels, and they can be taken at a time and place that suits you. Companies which operate vessels and owners of buildings are both required by law to manage legionella, and our video-based course is centred on five inter-connected modules.

The first section focusses on what legionella actually is, with the second module identifying the risk areas. Further modules are about the relevant legislation that’s involved, how best to implement risk management and, finally, the crucial area of water system monitoring.

Our legionella courses impart practical and usable knowledge to students, and all via the convenience of video. The information that is passed on can help to prevent potentially fatal outbreaks on board ships and installations, as well as on shore-based facilities.

It’s important for all employees to understand the potential risks, and how best to avoid them. This devastating disease can cause serious health problems, and even fatalities, in no time at all, so legionella courses from MTS are a must-have. As the old saying goes, prevention is always better than cure.