Fresh Water Safety Plan = Peace of Mind

Owners and operators of ocean-going vessels and fixed marine installations are only too aware of the proliferation of international laws, regulations and recommendations which abound in the industry. In many organisations, it has become increasingly difficult to remain compliant with legislation without assistance from specialist outside agencies.

From August 2014, vessels sailing under a UK flag will need to incorporate a viable Fresh Water Safety Plan. While some owners will no doubt feel a little exasperation at the prospect of yet more legislation to have to deal with, the advantages of having safe, efficient supplies of fresh water will be all too apparent.

In the rather insular environment on board a vessel or installation, any infected fresh water supply can soon lead to major problems. Water-borne bacteria can multiply exceptionally quickly, leading to potential risks of serious magnitude. The potential dangers from rapid and debilitating infections cannot be overestimated.

With help from the experts at Marine Testing Solutions, the incorporation and maintenance of an effective Fresh Water Safety Plan will be simple and straightforward. In the highly competitive maritime industry, owners and operators need to remain focused on running their businesses, so it makes sense to leave issues like this to the specialists.

Monitoring as well as maintenance

MTS supply reliable and accurate testing kits to the industry, but we can also manage the whole process for organisations as well. The Fresh Water Safety Plan is basically a risk assessment of the vessel’s water systems, and it requires maintenance and monitoring on a regular basis to be compliant.

With help from MTS, your vessels and installations can benefit from accurate testing throughout the year. And we can recommend remedial work to help you remain compliant at all times. Peace of mind comes from knowing your system design, cleaning regimes and levels of water stagnation are all checked and monitored correctly, and you surely can’t put a price on that.

Complying with the MLC 2006 regulations is a must in the industry, of course, but many operators understandably turn to the experts to ensure they remain within the law. For the most efficient and most effective Fresh Water Safety Plan, the sensible option is to call in expert help from the start.