Reagents you can Always Rely on

Every owner and operator of ocean-going vessels and fixed offshore installations will know all about the importance of water to their operations. Water, whether it’s used for drinking, heating, cooling or for ballast purposes, performs a vital role in the stability, safety and comfort of each working day. In order to ensure the hygiene standards of this vital liquid, adequate, accurate and reliable testing methods need to be introduced and maintained.

Testing water standards requires specialist kits and a supply of reagents, and this means the owner and operator needs to ensure sufficient quantities of the latter are purchased and stored. Without this vital component, testing procedures could fall by the wayside, and in the worst case scenarios the operators could fall foul of the relevant legislations which have been imposed around the world.

The testing systems are used to detect a number of materials, such as chloride, alkaline and potassium. The reagents which are used can be in liquid, tablet or powder form, depending on their usage. For the owner of the vessel or installation, the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have the right systems and materials in place is difficult to put a price on.

Increased efficiency, greater levels of hygiene

The benefits to using effective reagents are all too obvious. Any vessel which operates regular and effective testing schedules will be more efficient, more hygienic and safer for passengers, crew members and visitors. They will be able to remain compliant with both local and global legislation and will be able to operate at the very peak of their required performance levels.

With help from MTS, your operation can become slicker, more productive and fully compliant in no time at all. A comprehensive range of reagents is available, as well as management support services which enable your record-keeping to maintain its integrity even on the busiest of shipping routes.

In all cases, the credibility of the results will depend on the quality of the kits and reagents which are used. MTS offer a range of first-class equipment and reagents to shipping organisations all over the world. We can take away any worries you have about the complexities of this hugely important aspect of maritime life.