Simple Asbestos Training Courses

Ocean-going vessels are, like any other workplace, subject to both ongoing maintenance and repairs that need to be carried out as and when required. Whether these tasks are performed by contractors who are brought in specially or by members of the existing team, they need to be performed in as safe and healthy a manner as possible. Cutting any corners is simply not going to be an option.

One of the main problems when carrying out remedial work can be caused by the presence of asbestos in the affected area. Disturbing such material can be an extremely hazardous issue, so it needs to be done by people who fully understand what they are doing and what can potentially happen while they are doing it. As always, education is an absolute must.

There are a number of occupations which require a good degree of asbestos awareness. They include the more obvious fields such as electrics, plumbing, demolition and roofing, but there are others which are perhaps not as apparent. Those who are brought on board a vessel to carry out telecommunications work, ventilation projects and even surveying can be among those at risk.

Keeping the vessel safe and healthy

The simple solution is one that owners and operators can achieve with ease. Good quality eLearning courses can be utilised to educate every relevant member of the team, as well as contractors who are brought in for specific tasks. An asbestos training course is a must for anyone who works on tasks that can disturb a highly hazardous material that can be found in a number of on-board areas.

One of the best things about an eLearning course is the fact that the student can take the course at his or her own convenience. There is no need for key employees to spend time away from the workplace, and this can be a crucial plus point for a busy vessel that is always on the move. For the employer, this is especially good news in an industry that has become increasingly competitive in recent years.

The rather unique isolation of an ocean-going vessel brings with it a number of issues that don’t arise in a land-based workplace. Chief among them perhaps is the fact that a dangerous disturbance of asbestos can affect everyone on board in no time at all. Therefore, effective education about how to handle such a situation is vital.