The Importance of Effective Fire Safety Training

Everyone knows just how dangerous a fire can become, of course, and it can be particularly damaging when it occurs in the workplace. Whether aboard an ocean-going vessel, on a fixed marine installation or at a land-based location, the consequences can be extremely hazardous, and in some cases can be fatal.

The importance of effective fire safety training in the work environment cannot be underestimated, and that’s why Marine Testing Solutions offer first-class eLearning courses which enable key personnel to receive the very best in tuition. Our courses are interactive, enjoyable and, most important of all, can save lives.

Under current legislation, employers have a legal duty to ensure adequate training in fire awareness. We provide courses that give students all the information they need in order to react in the most appropriate manner to the presence of a fire, and how to bring any potential hazards to the best and safest conclusion.

Courses can be taken anywhere via our online service, giving employers the chance to provide tuition with a minimum of disruption to the business. Training costs can be kept to a minimum when students don’t need to attend expensive courses at formal education centres.

A focus on understanding

The courses themselves focus on key areas such as the chemistry of a fire, what to do when a fire occurs and an introduction to extinguishers. A range of courses is available, enabling organisations to select the options that are best suited to the business. Tailoring a fire safety plan can therefore be made far simpler.

Fire safety courses from Marine Testing Solutions are approved by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the Institute of Fire Engineers. Thanks to highly engaging content and in-depth knowledge of the subject, successful students will be able to obtain a greater understanding of this hugely important matter.

As an employer in the busy marine sector, you will know all about the need to maintain safe working practices, and that’s why these courses play a vital part in the quest for excellence.