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New eLearning Legionella Courses

Every offshore installation and ocean-going vessel needs to be as efficient and as cost-effective as possible, but it’s worth remembering that superior performance should not be at the cost of health and safety. Protecting crew members, contractors, passengers and visitors is a top priority, because repercussions can be serious. One…

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Microbiological Tests for Compliance

microbiological tests

Every workplace environment, from the smallest shop to the largest office block, needs to be a safe and healthy location for employees, clients, customers and visitors. It is therefore the responsibility of owners, operators and employers to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are maintained at all times. This need…

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The Importance of Effective Fire Safety Training

Everyone knows just how dangerous a fire can become, of course, and it can be particularly damaging when it occurs in the workplace. Whether aboard an ocean-going vessel, on a fixed marine installation or at a land-based location, the consequences can be extremely hazardous, and in some cases can be…

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MTS and CM Technologies Join

CM Technologies

Marine Testing Solutions are always looking to provide the best products and the finest services to our customers, that’s why we are so proud to team up with CM Technologies formerly known as Kittiwake GmbH. This new alliance allows us to significantly increase our portfolio of testing and sampling equipment…

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A Comprehensive Ship Safety Plan from MTS

ship safety plan

Owners and operators of ocean-going vessels know there is more to a voyage than simply carrying a cargo from Point A to Point B. The need for efficiency without compromising on the health and safety of crew members, visitors, passengers and contractors is paramount, and must always be the number…

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MTS to exhibit at IMPA 2014

On the 17th and 18th September this year IMPA (The London Maritime Event for Purchasing and Supply) comes to London and we are very excited to announce that we will be there! Marine Testing Solutions will be on stand 55A so come and meet the team and and find out…

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Digital Incubator Easy On-board Testing

Digital Incubator

In the confined atmosphere of an ocean-going vessel or offshore installation, maintaining a safe and healthy environment is perhaps more important than it is anywhere else. Even the smallest issue can become a major problem in such bound places, so every owner and operator needs to implement rigorous testing methods…

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Controlling your Cooling Water Systems

Cooling water systems

On every ocean-going vessel and on every offshore installation, cooling water plays a vital role in maintaining the efficiency of the whole operation. Owners and operators the world over know all about the importance of cooling water systems, but not all of them realise that things can and do go…

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Ballast Water Test Kits – Save Marine Life

ballast water test kits

Ocean-going vessels rely on the use of ballast water, especially on long, multi-destination voyages, but the way this water is handled can have a dramatic effect on the world’s marine ecosystems. Owners and operators may not even be aware that their ships could be carrying thousands of harmful aquatic organisms.…

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Galley Hygiene – Conform to MLC Regulations

galley hygiene

More than ever before, the hygiene standards on board vessels and installations need to be as stringent and as robust as possible, because the threat of infections and diseases is greater than in the past. Owners and operators not only need to do all they can, they also need to…

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